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If you wish, you can use the Zeops Shift Planning Management module in conjunction to make sure that the overtime information is recorded to the salary sheet automatically. You can view the salary sheet of all employees horizontally and speed up the data entry operations through the batch salary sheet screen. You can access the detailed reports related to monthly personnel costs by separately reporting the Social Security Institution (SSI) premiums and tax payments. You can use the workflow and approval mechanism for converting salary sheets into payrolls and make sure that you have the total control during the payroll process.

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What is Payroll Management?

Payroll management emerges as a concept that covers the whole activity process such as detailed calculation of salaries related to personnel working in an enterprise, working hours and leave processes. In short, it can be defined as all the processes related to the calculation of the wages received by the working personnel according to the working time.

In order to manage these activity processes in the best way, it is necessary to use different payroll management techniques. You can also perform your payroll management activities with practical solutions by using Zeops in your business. In this way, your accounting and human resources departments will be able to work comfortably.

What are the Variables in Payroll Management?

The variables that should be included in the remuneration table, called payroll, while carrying out the payroll activities are as follows: Minimum wage, basic and highest social security premium, meal, family and travel allowance, private health insurance premium, minimum living allowance, amount of income tax, amount of disability allowance, stamp duty, upper limit of severance pay, assessment, gross salary, SSI; base/employee and employer premiums/risk classes, income tax base, net salary, advance payment, overtime, official work on leaves, annual leaves and union dues.

Payrolls are prepared according to certain regulations and it is essential to comply. Some of these variables are important and their presence is required by law. Variables such as the company's registration number, personnel's name, surname, salary, position, wage type, Social Security Institution registration number, earnings due to working days and days off, additional payments, special deductions, legal deductions, tax bases and the employee's signature are included in the payrolls according to the required regulations. presence is mandatory. In the absence of any of them, the payroll is deemed directly invalid and is not considered valid in legal activities.

With Zeops, you can manage payroll in accordance with the law, without bypassing the legal obligations of all regulations.

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Payroll Management with Zeops is Flawless and Easy

With Zeops, it is possible to make a fast payroll calculation by reducing the the time allocated for payroll management. We ensure that your human resources department can easily and quickly carry out a flawless payroll process. The simple traceability of the activity reduces the costs in the payroll process, while keeping the personnel requirement at a minimum.

Payrolling should be done by calculating the working hours of your staff without errors. The obtained figures are entered into Zeops in accordance with the scoring system. With its compatibility with Excel, automatic input of this process can also be provided. In this way, if you are a large-scale business with many employees, your job is not difficult at all with Zeops.

In addition to all these, it is now possible to analyze all activities by getting a report with Zeops. If you want to keep an eye on personnel costs and keep them in order, this is now within your reach. You can manage all your costs quickly, simply and completely with Zeops, without the need for extra labor.

Why Should Your Human Resources Department Use Zeops?

Zeops; Here are some of the advantages provided to your human resources department with practical and fast payroll management:

  • It is possible to collect different variables in the payroll process in one place.
  • With the disciplined follow-up of payroll activities, you can minimize costs and personnel needs.
  • With Zeops, which is suitable for use in your business of any size, you can easily carry out your payroll activities.
  • You can carry out a payroll activity that complies with every rule in the legislation and regulations and does not violate the personal data protection law.
  • You can easily perform all activities related to Social Security Institution premiums and taxes through the program.

With Zeops, which is designed to minimize the effort and time allocated for payroll, you can experience a free trial version to carry out payroll activities. In addition, you can browse the links at the end of the page to discover the features of Zeops, which offers alternative and practical solutions in payroll management activities.

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