Remote Training Management

ZEOPS Remote Training Module has been developed to carry out remote training by including any content and category, test, and assessment operations for the personnel. By using the Remote Training Module, you can create unlimited number of training sets with any contents, introduce the assessment tools online such as surveys, optional or compulsory tests to the participants at the end of the training, and view the results instantly.
Remote Training Management 1

Remote Training Management 2
Enabling the participant employees to evaluate their training and post their comments on training contents, ZEOPS Remote Training Module also offers companies opportunities for detailed analyses through its features such as the participant statistics and detailed reporting.

With the Zeops Remote Training,

• You can upload training videos in any format, size, and number of your choice.
• You can add files and resources to the training as many as you like.
• You can determine employees to participate and send online invitations to the participants.
• If you wish, you can add surveys or tests to the training.
• You can easily configure the settings such as making the tests added to the training to be optional or compulsory.
• You can simultaneously track whether the participants attended or completed the training.
• You can easily access various analysis and reporting tools related to the training.
Remote Training Management 1

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